Your elevator is at the heart of your building’s value. Allowing your system to become outdated is not an option. as technology, style and safety standards evolve, we have custom solutions and expert crews to help your building evolve as well. With Davis & Newcomer’s expertise, you can enhance the value of your low-rise building for years to come.

In even the best-maintained buildings, aging elevators can be a letdown. They need increased maintenance and service calls yet suffer in performance and energy efficiency. Tenants get upset with slow and out-of-service equipment, building owners pay higher costs and building managers feel stuck in the middle. Davis & Newcomer has a simple solution for these challenges: modernization. We replace your equipment’s critical components, making it perform and look like new. the entire process can be completed with minimal downtime and disruption.

No matter your elevator needs, Davis & Newcomer provides a simple yet comprehensive way to enhance your elevator while complying with the latest codes. the state-of-the-art components we utilize weamlessly integreates with your existing elevator structure while keeping disruption to a minimum. Davis & Newcomer offers flexible solutions to meet your building’s needs.


Our quiet, high-performance door operators have become a proven industry mainstay due to their reliability and robust construction. Designed to be virtually maintenance-free, this system continues to outperform its competition in terms of cost-efficiency.



Our jack units are manufactured with precision equipment, experienced production personnel, and a knowledgeable engineering staff to produce a quality product for our customers.


With machines and bearings designed and tested to meet all requirements in terms of operational efficiency and safety, we can ensure a simple, secure, and cost-effective installation process as well as a smooth and comfortable user experience.


Our controller manufacturers provide decades of engineering expertise, design, innovation, and cutting-edge technology to engineer and manufacture complex vertical transportation control systems that are uniquely simple to install, adjust, and maintain.


From standard fixtures to one-of-a-kind, we have the perfect choice for your elevator component needs.  Innovative designs and technology are standard in the high-quality finishes and accessories we provde.


Our elevator interiors can be personalized and updated at any time. simply swap out one, two, or more panels to update colors, materials, and designs. The many standard options gives you the flexibility to choose the right interior for your space.